about us

We are Beauty Company that defines Beauty in a new light by unleashing timeless unfading beauty secrets of having a sound heart, mind, and body.

Although physical beauty is important,it’s the light that illuminates from our hearts that is the cornerstone of our beauty regime.

Our aim is to incorporate biblical, historical, and cultural perspectives on feminine beauty to serve today’s everyday woman from a young to a mature woman with our products and services. We are committed to building a long-lasting beauty relationship with you to be a part of all seasons of your beauty journey.

The word “beauty” has a distinctive positive significance. It is both intrinsic and extrinsic. When we draw on our intrinsic beauty and allow it to show who we are, nothing can diminish our radiance.

Cor Vitae Beauty believes beauty is a lifestyle and everyone is beautiful, unique, and has a purpose to be fulfilled in this lifetime.

We want to support in you in showing up best in class as your purpose unfolds.

Beauty is an Illumination of The Heart

our mission

To combine timeless unfading beauty secrets with modern solutions to lead you towards empowerment, renewal, individuality, and the daily celebration of beauty in your own life through our products and services.

our vission

We have big goals and dreams to offer a full holistic heart, mind, body range of products and services, however, we are beginning with launching our very own Cor Vitae Professional Hair Care and Styling line. Our line is made with high quality, high performing botanical ingredients, free of parabens, sulfates, protects against UVA/UVB, and humidity resistant.

We want products and services that are simple, practical, functional, clean, yet highly effective in the results setting you up for success in your daily beauty routine.


Finally, Cor Vitae Beauty wants to express how important you are to us, whether you are visiting us for the first time, have previously been with us, or are simply looking around.

We want you to feel comfortable, valued, and beautiful in your own ways.

We don’t want to change you but, bring out the best in you.

We thank you for giving us precious time to read about us.

We greatly hope you take this beauty journey with us.


  • Our Passion-We Are Passionate About Bringing Out The Best In You
  • We Care-We Care About You As a Person, Not Just A Number
  • We Listen-Cor Vitae Beauty is Born From The Feedback From Clients and Professional And Continue To Welcome Feedback As We Grow
  • Our Expertise-We Are Always Researching, Learning, and Networking To Bring The Best Beauty Solutions

Our Owner/Founder Gina Delano has been in Professional Beauty 11+ Years with experience in Sales/Education for top manufacturers L’Oreal, Coty, Henkel and teaching is a part of our DNA for our clients and professionals alike.

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“To love beauty is to see light”-Victor Hugo.

Live a Life of Beauty,

Cor Vitae Beauty.